Behind Her Mask

Behind this mask

of coldly calculated reason and logic,

is a small girl

choking on her tears,

helplessly drowning

in her despair.


All she wants

is understanding and acceptance,

and even love:

unconditional love.

But, she’s too meek to ask for it.

So she just cries and mourns

the waste of her eighteen years,

the loss of her joyless childhood.


A Look Into My Distant Future

The gray clouds swirled against the black sky.

Twisting beneath my sheets,

I rested my head on the windowpane,

Searching for some sign of hope above.

Stars flickered amongst the clouds,

Dimly lit, hardly something to look up to.

Craning my head back against the cool glass window,

I could see the bright, red-tinted body of Mars.

Intrigue and wonder tugged at the corners of my mind.

I gazed in awe at the beautiful speck of light.

Can’t the sky always be like this?

There’s always something breathtaking about the night.