For so long, I was unsure of what my future would hold.

For so long, I was confused.

But now I know, that when I’m gray and old,

I will look back feeling amused.

I struggled and struggled so hard it hurt,

For nothing at all in comparison.

Because obviously I originated from dirt,

And eventually I’ll be dirt again.

So it doesn’t really matter.



The past is easily learned,

And, as for the present?

Well, I never quite know what’s going on.


But the future,

Although not set in stone,

Is guaranteed for me.

A future is guaranteed

For all of us.

The question is…

Which future will you choose?

A Look Into My Distant Future

The gray clouds swirled against the black sky.

Twisting beneath my sheets,

I rested my head on the windowpane,

Searching for some sign of hope above.

Stars flickered amongst the clouds,

Dimly lit, hardly something to look up to.

Craning my head back against the cool glass window,

I could see the bright, red-tinted body of Mars.

Intrigue and wonder tugged at the corners of my mind.

I gazed in awe at the beautiful speck of light.

Can’t the sky always be like this?

There’s always something breathtaking about the night.