I Wish I Could Dance

I’ve always felt very passionate about dance. All kinds of dance. Hip hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, etc. I used to dream about it. I couldn’t listen to music without daydreaming up a choreography to go with it.

But… I can’t actually dance. And I wish I could.

I will never forgive my mom for not sticking me in dance lessons when I was little. Of course, not everyone can afford such things. So, I can’t blame her really. We weren’t very privileged back then. I should have taught myself to dance. Now I feel like I’m too old to start. Nineteen is late. Normally people start when they’re three… or five.. or you get it. Young. Now I feel like my body is past due on trying to learn dance.

I used to do gymnastics. And that’s sort of a good foundation for dance. So, I know I have a potential. But it will most likely go unrecognized.

Maybe someday, when I’m old, I’ll take ballroom dance classes with my husband in an attempt to spice up the relationship. That’s most likely the closest I’ll get to ever fulfilling my dance potential.


I Don’t Have To Be Me

What I love most

Is to be curled up

On the couch with a book

In another world, another universe

Dreaming, imagining

I can be whoever I want to be.

I can be Ender or Valentine,

Keeping the peace of the worlds,

Or I could be Ace Robin Olds

Dogfighting in my P-51.

All I need is an idea,

Something that will flourish in my mind,

Something that will turn into a dream,

Something that can distract me

From my harsh reality.

I don’t have to be me all the time.