Hey Guys!


My name is Autumn, and I’m your atypical female trying to make it in this typical world. I’m that weird girl you saw in high school that you didn’t know the name of, but always secretly admired (and slightly feared) for being different. I never have belonged to any one clique or group of people. I never have belonged anywhere actually. That’s what makes me uniquely me. I have always been told that I am an old soul, and I truly believe that. I was born old. Strangely enough, I’m also quite childish in that I don’t want to grow up. Ever. So. It’s pretty confusing I know. I hope that you all find me interesting enough to join me on my life journey. I will most likely ramble the majority of the time, but occasionally I will write something worth reading 🙂 Not only will you read my daily ramblings, but I love to write short stories and poems, so you’ll have access to the inner-workings of my mind. A very dangerous and terrifying place, if I do say so myself. So, proceed with caution.