There’s a mattress sitting against the wall in my mom’s basement, and I questioned her about it. She told me that they haven’t gotten around to throwing it away yet.

My first thought is: Why are you throwing a mattress away? Can’t you donate it? Or something? It’s a nice mattress. So many people live without a place to sleep.

And then she told me that no one will accept a used mattress because it could have bed bugs or whatever.

Ok ok. That makes sense. But, I think the city should provide a service where you dispose of your old mattresses. They clean them, sterilize them, and make them acceptable for donation. And then mattresses won’t be wasted. People who can’t afford a bed, can have someone’s hand-me-down. Clean and safe.

As humans, I think we waste so much. Those of us who have these privileges, take them for granted and waste them. Those of us who don’t, aren’t given the opportunity to have such things. When we’re done using something, we shouldn’t just trash it. We should share it. Our trash may be someone’s treasure. I know that’s clichĂ©, but seriously.

We need to solve this problem.


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